Welcome To Safe Health
Specialists in preventive cardiac care in Andhra Pradesh India since 2004. The objective is to prevent sudden deaths due to heart attacks by early detection of heart disease and stop the progress of the disease by using preventative medicines and lifestyle changes.

Prevent Heart Attacks

By using regular screening tests and other non invasive cardiac tests we can diagnose if an healthy person has a heart problem... Read More >>

Non Invasive Cardiac Diagnostics

Non-invasive tests like ECG, 2D ECHO, TMT etc are used to identify and assess Coronary Artery Disease and to start preventive medication....Read More >>

Looking Into your HEART

Learn more about the various tests used for detection and prevention of heart disease. A must - read book by Dr. V. J. Sadhana, for all those who wish to protect themselves and their loved ones

Paper Presentations

Read here about the study we presented at an International Heart Conference organized by the American Heart Association in Florida in 2005.

Optimal Medical Therapy

Recent studies have shown that alternatives to bypass surgery using modern medications is associated with a far lower morbidity and mortality...Read More >>

Our Achievements

  • Pioneering Preventive Cardiology as a discipline
  • Developed SAFE guideline for screening of CAD
  • 4730 people detected with heart disease
  • 2550 healthy people on preventative follow-up