Our Achievements

  • Pioneering Preventive Cardiology as a discipline
  • Developed SAFE guideline for screening for CAD
  • 4730 people detected heart disease detected
  • 2550 healthy people on preventative follow-up

Pioneering Preventive Cardiology as a discipline

Dr. V. J. Sadhana,a post graduate from JIPMER one of the premier medical schools in India ,a Fellow of the American Heart Association and a member of the British Cardiovascular Society pioneered the discipline of Preventive Cardiology in Hyderabad. At a time when heart disease and stroke occurrence are at an all time high and major focus is on Intervention, she spearheaded the approach of primary and secondary prevention of heart attacks through public awareness, personalized preventative measures and Optimal Medical therapy

Developed SAFE guidelines

Developed SAFE Guidelines for Screening of Heart Attack and Heart Failure prevention and Education for all healthy adults between 25-75 years in India based on the health care service available. Though the Constitution of India guarantees free healthcare for all its citizens, in practice the private health care sector is responsible for the majority of healthcare in India. Most healthcare expenses are paid by the patients/ their families, rather than through insurance. Hence in order to protect themselves and to avoid expensive surgeries in future preventive screening and appropriate protective measure are not only important but necessary.

Statistics (From May 2014- May 2018)

No of healthy adult screened for heart disease – 18500
No of heart disease detected – 6000
No of heart patients on preventative follow-up – 2550